About Us

SteelGate Advisors is a multidiscipline investment bank. We specialize in financial services. We provide buy- and sell-side representation, corporate finance, business valuation and tax planning/structuring for middle market companies. Our expertise, objectivity and individualized approach have helped stakeholders develop the important – and often challenging – business strategies that help them achieve their professional and personal financial goals.


If you are looking for an investment banker with the financial services expertise to handle your business transaction, you’ve come to the right place. At SteelGate, through a series of informed, consultative meetings we develop strategies, present options and explore possibilities that impact the outcome of your business transaction…and yours alone.

What we don’t do may surprise you. For example, we don’t ask you to sign a contract and agree to an up-front fee. We don’t jump in looking for a quick sale. And we don’t simply equate success with completed transactions. In fact, some of our most satisfied clients are those who decided not to buy or sell.

Why? Every business owner’s situation and goals are different. Every vision of the future is unique. Every business principal deserves to be heard. Every business is simply not ready to be bought or sold.

When we sit down with you, we listen. We want to know how you think, where you’ve been, where you want to go and why. We look at the big picture. We address taxes, estate planning, structuring, accounting, valuation, succession and operational issues that you currently face, as well as those that may arise in the future. That way, we can show you the best alternatives to maximize potential and, most importantly, secure your future.


Whether your business is developing or mature, you can trust the investment bank professionals at SteelGate to deliver the diverse experience and broad range of skills required to assist in securing your future. We are investment bankers, entrepreneurs, valuation experts and tax specialists who understand the importance of due diligence, full discovery and attention to detail when developing long- and short-term strategies. Most importantly, we are your partners. Ready to listen. Deliberate. And act on your behalf.



Bill Collier, CPA/MST

Managing Director

Thomas J. Krahe CPA/ABV/CFF

Managing Director

Christopher B. Miller, CPA/ABV/CFF

Director of Valuation Services

Matt Hartford

Vice President